Give back to the community

Pelipost is committed to give back to the community in small and big
ways. We continuously work on different ways to make a difference
in the lives of children with incarcerated parents.

Juggling life when a loved one is incarcerated
can be difficult for family and friends

That's why Pelipost is excited to give back to the community in fun and creative ways.

It's our hope to be a resource for our customers who are going through a challenging time. When you're embraced by a community, you may feel less alone.

Not only do we provide photo services to stay connected to incarcerated loved ones, but we also

  • provide a wealth of resources on our website
  • provide helpful information about incarceration
  • actively support this community through different programs

Here is how we give back to the community

Did you know 1 in 12 children under the age of 18 has experienced parental incarceration at some point in their lives? For many kids, this can be a highly traumatizing experience, but hopefully, it becomes less so with the support from community outreach and programs that take them under their wing.

A statistic like that shows how much incarceration can impact families. That's why it's our mission to not only make it as simple as possible to stay connected with an incarcerated loved one but to connect these communities who are experiencing hardship during this time.

Enjoy your

Programs Pelipost participates in and some of the
initiatives we have created ourselves

  • Children shouldn't have to go through difficult experiences alone. Every family has a unique dynamic, and we never know what someone is genuinely going through on an individual level. We do know how impactful it is for a child to feel loved and seen during this time, which is why we started the Student of the Month program.

    Each month, the Pelipost team chooses a child to be the Student of the Month. The winner receives 500 PeliPOINTS, a $25 gift card, and a feature on our social media pages (with permission). This program acknowledges these young students moving through life while their parents are incarcerated. A small act of kindness can go a long way.

  • XO Factor, Inc. was created by Bethany McNeil. It's a non-profit organization focused on helping families and individuals rebuild their lives after incarceration. Pelipost was a proud sponsor of the XO Factor, Inc. Adopt-A-Family event, which provided children gifts from their incarcerated parents.

    Recidivism is a common problem for those who have been incarcerated, landing in the system repeatedly, so programs like XO Factor help people integrate back into society, providing them with the resources, skills, and support necessary to thrive outside of incarceration.

  • Angel Tree is a prison fellowship program that Pelipost participates in. The program's purpose is to provide a pathway for incarcerated parents to connect with their children and restore and strengthen those relationships during the holiday season.

    With every photo sent to an incarcerated loved one through the Pelipost app, a child would receive a gift from a family member through the Angel Tree program.

  • Community members nominate charities actively involved in serving incarcerated persons and their families. In turn, Pelipost donates $500 to three nominated charities, plus other goodies. Learn more about the success of this giving campaign here.

  • We continuously work on ways to make a difference in the lives of children with incarcerated parents. For Christmas 2021, we had a Pelipost' Letters to Santa' Contest.

    Parents would submit photos of their child's letter to Santa — plus their wishlist — and 10 winners were chosen to receive a gift from their wishlist. "Letters to Santa" was a simple way to encourage unity and community for those struggling during the holidays.

  • Pelipost celebrated its First Annual PeliPAL Holiday Gift Giveaway. Members could enter to win a gift valued at $25 for their loved ones. This giveaway was exclusive to PeliPAL members as a thank you for their continued support of their incarcerated loved ones by sending photos to prison from the Pelipost app.

  • Pelipost created a scholarship program for 5 high school or undergraduate students seeking a college education. The Overcoming Adversity Scholarship helps support those experiencing the hardships of having incarcerated family members and trying to further their education.

  • The pandemic hit correctional facilities hard due to the inability to properly social distance those who were incarcerated. To give back during this challenging time, Pelipost donated 2,000 masks to the Cook County Jail. Read more about it here.

  • Florida Cares Charity Corp. is a Florida Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to improving the lives of incarcerated individuals and families dealing with a loved one incarcerated. Florida Cares is dedicated to improving the lives of the incarcerated through public awareness, family support, education. During the holidays, they hosted an amazon gift registry that Pelipost sponsored by purchasing gifts that they pre-selected for children with incarcerated parents.

Community is everything

There are so many different ways to give back to the community. If you're a
part of an organization designed to support incarcerated families and
individuals, we'd love to collaborate with you!