Happy Love Your Inmate Day!

Every year, on August 8th, we dedicate a day to celebrating our
incarcerated loved ones. It’s a day to remind them that they are
loved, supported, and valued, even while behind bars.

Love Your Imate Day Love Your Imate Day Love Your Imate Day Love Your Imate Day

The backstory

In 2017, Pelipost created Love Your
Inmate Day

Everyone loves a good backstory. In the case of many of our customers, their backstories have impacted their families in significant ways. Love your inmate day honors that backstory by showing those who are incarcerated that they still matter.

Love Your Imate Day We wanted to dedicate a day to come together and spread positivity and love among this community . Some incarcerated loved ones have longer sentences than others. We wanted to show them that they are not alone no matter the circumstance. Love Your Imate Day
Natalie Calderon, Chief Marketing Officer of Pelipost
Love Your Imate Day

Love Your Inmate Day is for
more than those who are

It’s a day for the families affected by incarceration, showing them
they aren’t alone on this journey.

Love Your Imate Day
Enjoy your

How you can celebrate Love Your Inmate Day

Celebrate LYID on August 8th this year by planning ahead. Photos are a powerful way to connect with incarcerated loved ones — which is why we created Pelipost in the first place.

So your first stop is photo gifts.

  • Photo gifts come in many forms — printed photos, collages, picture frames, postcards, and so much more.
  • The easiest way to celebrate Love your inmate day is by sending photos to prison through the Pelipost app — download the app at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • You can also shop for gifts at the Love your inmate day online store . Part of the proceeds at LYID goes towards supporting children of incarcerated parents through Pelipost's Student of the Month Program.
  • There are many different ways to celebrate your incarcerated loved ones this year.

One of our favorites is the Love your inmate day giveaway!


Love Your Inmate Day

Finding ways to bring lightness and joy into a difficult experience is key to making it through the experience. Participate in the Love your inmate day giveaway for a chance to win all kinds of fun prizes, including a Visa gift card, a Pelipost t-shirt, a Love your inmate day bundle, and plenty of PeliPOINTS that you can redeem for free prints on the Pelipost app.

How to Enter

All you have to do is show us your most creative ways to celebrate your incarcerated loved one during this holiday.

Enjoy your
Love Your Imate Day

Everyone deserves to be celebrated

There’s a certain stigma surrounding people within this community — a community united by the experience of incarceration.

We created Love your inmate day not only to support our incarcerated loved ones directly but to shatter the stigma. Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s ok to talk about it. In fact, it’s good to talk about it because we’re all people, and we all deserve to feel loved and supported.

Reach out to your loved ones this year and let them know that you see them.

Participate in Love your inmate day — and as often as you want — by sending photos directly to their correctional facility through the Pelipost app.

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