Meaningful career

Join the Pelipost team, where our team is our chosen family. Enjoy a
meaningful career that’s part of a movement.

It’s the moments that matter

We’re all in this together!

At Pelipost, our focus is on celebrating moments. All we have is right now, and for our incarcerated loved ones, success is sometimes making it from one moment to the next. When you join the Pelipost team, you’re choosing a meaningful career, a family, and a movement towards humanizing families experiencing incarceration.

Our team = our family

What does family mean to you? For us, family means: A solid support network. Lifting each other up. Working towards a common goal. While bringing our unique skills to the table. Our family is our team, and our team is our family. We want you to be a part of our growing team at Pelipost.


Pelipost’s company core values

Pelipost’s company culture reflects what we stand for as an organization.

P — Pursuing everlasting connections

We build genuine relationships with our customers, team, and communities to make a positive difference that will last a lifetime.

E ― Empathy for all

We recognize the humanity in each person that we connect with, treat everyone with respect. Our compassion allows us to understand what we can do to help. Be a good listener, be understanding, and most importantly, be kind.

L — Learn and grow

We encourage our team to learn, adapt, and see challenges as opportunities, both personally and professionally. More than just acquiring new skills, it’s about learning from our experiences and always striving to become a better version of ourselves.

I — Inspire smiles

We create memorable experiences by inspiring each other every day and lifting each other up when we need a boost. Smile, it’s contagious!

P — Proud to be unique

We celebrate individuality and embrace each other’s unique differences. We encourage each other to be our true authentic selves. Own it!

O — Open-minded

We are receptive to new ideas for continuous improvement. We listen, share creativity, and embrace others’ opinions without judgment. Through this, we challenge one another and provide a platform to be heard.

S— Spread positivity

We choose to have a positive and optimistic attitude. By doing create a friendly, warm, and exciting environment. Be a piece o piece o sunshine on a rainy day!

T — Together we thrive

We embrace a teamwork environment where we collaborate, communicate, and support one another. We trust and depend on each other, and last but not least, we have FUN. By working together, we can achieve more!

Enjoy your