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Incarcerated loved ones are people just like you and me. Learn what we believe here at
Pelipost and how to support someone in prison.

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Incarcerated loved ones are people just like you and me

Perhaps they are you and me because you never know someone else’s story. As with most things in life, the way we communicate has the power to create change — both good and bad.

Something strange happens when a person is arrested. They suddenly become a number, a title other than who they actually are. Dehumanizing language creates a pathway for the inhumane treatment of groups of people — a fact that’s held true throughout history.

That’s why we try to avoid using the word “inmate” when communicating about our incarcerated loved ones. We’re all people on this journey called life, and we each deserve compassion and kindness. You can learn how to support someone in prison by first learning how to communicate their experiences in a humanizing way.

Using people-first language

Pelipost was founded on the bedrock of personal experience. Our goal is to create a more compassionate, inclusive environment for those who experience incarceration and help you learn how to support someone in prison, whether by sending photos to prison or using people-first language when talking about someone who is incarcerated.

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We understand the importance of delivering your photos to loved ones

  • We understand the challenges and difficult emotions experienced by family inside and outside of prison. We know because we’ve lived it.
  • Through the Pelipost app, we help families stay connected to each other.
  • We believe in community first. Learn more about our Community First approach.
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One day, I remember thinking to myself, ‘I have thousands of pictures on my phone. I wish there was a service that could print and send my photos for me.’ The idea stuck with me, and upon my mom’s release, we got down to business and launched a mobile app called Pelipost.

Joe Calderon

CEO and Co-Founder

Our main objective with Pelipost is to make it as easy as possible to send photos to incarcerated loved ones.”

Becky Calderon

COO and Co-Founder

Pictures were a priceless treasure for Becky Calderon — co-founder of Pelipost and a formerly incarcerated person — and the other incarcerated women.

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We achieved our objective

No more hassle of printing photos and getting to the post office. Now you can send photos like clockwork to those on the inside. All you have to do is:

Believe Download the Pelipost app Believe Upload your photos Believe Click a few buttons

We believe that all people deserve to be treated humanely.