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PeliPALS Members get the most out of the Pelipost app. Imagine being able to send more pics to your loved one each month, for less!

Being a PAL has its perks!

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More mail call smiles for less

PeliPALS Members get extra spending power to send more photos in the Pelipost app!

You can use these funds on photos, notes, expedited shipping, and delivery assurance.

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PeliPALS members get early and exclusive access to members-only sales and promotions!

Our membership also includes automatic entry in to our PeliPALS monthly raffle.

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Stay connected

Photos help remind our incarcerated loved ones that they’re not alone and that someone on the outside cares.

Being a PeliPALS member makes it easier than ever to stay connected with your incarcerated loved one.

This app is amazing, so all you do is pick out the pictures you want to send to your loved one that is in prison, and then pay for the pictures.”

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“Bigger and better than competitors! Great app I would recommend it to anyone trying to send pictures to their loved ones incarcerated.”

We understand what it’s like to navigate incarceration as a family because we’ve lived it. Pelipost is, first and foremost, a family-run business. We created this app to make staying connected with incarcerated loved ones easier.

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Joe Calderon

Frequently asked questions

Can I still use promo codes on top of my Membership savings?

Yes! You can still apply any active promo codes at checkout.

Most POPULAR questions about the PeliPALS Membership…

Click here to visit our support center for more answers!

Are there any hidden fees or shipping costs?

Nope. PeliPALS membership funds can be spent on all photo sizes, notes and expedited shipping (if available).

*Photo quantity and sizes are subject to facility rules and regulations.

How long does it take for my loved one to receive photos?

Once shipped, photos arrive to facility in 5-7 business days with Standard shipping. Premium Shipping is 3-4 business days. Your loved one will receive photos shortly after that, depending on prison inspection times.

*Premium shipping available for select facilities only

Can I still send pictures if my PeliPALS Membership balance is at zero? 

Yes, of course! If you’ve already used your prepaid funds for the month, then you will be prompted to make payment at checkout.

What is your Return Policy?

If photos are returned from a facility, they will be mailed directly to Pelipost. Once we receive them, we will email the sender, letting them know that the photos were returned and why they were returned. Common reasons for return orders are:

  • Photos containing nudity
  • Photos containing shirtless children (i.e., newborn babies)
  • Photos containing hand signs (i.e., gang signs, “peace” signs, and obscene gestures.)

It is your responsibility to verify the institution's specific photo policies and let your friends and family know. We will not issue refunds for photos in violation of facility rules and regulations.

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